Risk and Crisis Management


A crisis is a defining moment for a company. The way a company manages an adverse event—particularly in the current economic environment—can severely threaten or greatly enhance its operations, investor confidence, customer loyalty, employee morale, and community standing. From crisis management planning to real-time crisis response and recovery, we provide risk and crisis management services to support our clients before, during, and after an adverse event. We have the experience and resources to allow you to turn adversity into opportunity. Our team will help develop, manage, and maintain a tailored risk and crisis management program specific to your needs and circumstances.

The best approach to protecting your company’s future is to implement an effective crisis management program before a crisis ever occurs. Comtex Technologies can help you design a crisis management program that protects your company, its people, and its operations. With Dr. Jackson’s research in Pre-crisis leadership we have a basis for making sure your company has the right program in place.

A crisis management program helps you prepare for, manage, and recover from issues and incidents that threaten your people, brand, valuation, customers, finances, or operations. It is a systematic approach designed to help you manage crises that arise from more traditional risks like regulatory inquiries, natural disasters, and litigation to other threats to your business such as product recall and NGO activism.

Comtex will help you design a multi-year crisis management program that achieves a crisis preparedness capability and culture of prevention, through:

  • Assessing crisis preparedness by benchmarking existing plans and procedures against best practices and industry standards.
  • Developing a crisis management plan that enables management to respond to any issue or event and manage it effectively to prevent a crisis.
  • Training and exercising crisis management teams to validate plans and procedures.We believe that the ability to manage a crisis effectively is the result of in-depth understanding of risks, thorough crisis management planning, regular exercising, and a strategy for maintaining these capabilities over time.

The Comtex Solution

Comtex’s Risk & Crisis Management offering has comprehensive solutions that reduce the likelihood of risk and diminish its impact if it does materialize; we can even help you leverage the opportunities risk often reveals. We empower our clients with the knowledge and the tools, programs, and practices that will preserve, protect, and defend invaluable business assets—human, financial, and physical —against any risk, anywhere, anytime.