We have built and currently offer curricula geared toward S.T.E.M. Focusing on Technology and Engineering our program provides children with the a familiar context in which to engineer technology solutions for the home. Students go through learning about programming hardware to gain an understanding of functionality and purpose. Students are also introduced to the integration of smart technology and solar energy in the home. The curriculum provides children of today with the opportunity to gain competence in computer technology, engineering technology, and solar energy for a growing sector that has tremendous growth and opportunity for young talent.


Our ability to address the STEAM educational and career pipeline is of importance from a local and national level in order to:

  • Provide innovative solutions to an increasingly challenging and complex society,
  • Ensure that all citizens are engaged in the conversation of STEAM ideas and the implementation of STEAM education to impact the health, wealth, and well-being of communities,
  • Remain competitive on a STEM global stage

Nationally, new job openings and replacements will generate over 5 million STEAM related jobs in 2018. The ability for these jobs to be filled by US citizens will rely on innovative and out-of-the box programs to reach individuals that are not normally considered to be a vital part of the workforce.